feelings are not factsfeelings are not factsfeelings are not facts. over and over and over on repeat in my head bouncing knee, beating heartimpending doom. do not be anxious about anything… spiral, spiral, spiral downlet me off this roller coaster. please, i beg you,an airplane’s going to fly into this building at any second,a car’s […]

How to Write For Social Media

According to, 3.196 billion people now use social media. As a result, it is important that what you write on social media accurately represents your brand. As a social media specialist, here are a few of my top tricks: 1. Get social Interact with your audience. Don’t let the conversation be one-sided. This can […]

Sunday marks eleven years since I was raped

Dear 13-year-old, One day, you’ll wake up, and you’ll be sad. Not about what happened about your past, really. Sadness about that is inevitable. You’ll be sad about what’s happening in your present, in your current moments. You’ll be sad, but you’ll be afraid to be sad. You’ll sit in his office one day, ok, […]