feelings are not factsfeelings are not factsfeelings are not facts. over and over and over on repeat in my head bouncing knee, beating heartimpending doom. do not be anxious about anything… spiral, spiral, spiral downlet me off this roller coaster. please, i beg you,an airplane’s going to fly into this building at any second,a car’s […]

Sunday marks eleven years since I was raped

Dear 13-year-old, One day, you’ll wake up, and you’ll be sad. Not about what happened about your past, really. Sadness about that is inevitable. You’ll be sad about what’s happening in your present, in your current moments. You’ll be sad, but you’ll be afraid to be sad. You’ll sit in his office one day, ok, […]

Abandoned: trigger warning

“Abandonment!” He exclaimed in the middle of our safety planning. “That’s your trigger! Whenever you feel abandoned or alone, you start to panic, start to relive the trauma, start to become suicidal.” Which makes sense when you know how the story ended. They say that speaking your truth allows for healing, that giving words to […]