mental health / Prozac and Faith

to victims and future victims

your life isn’t over the moment you think it is,
when the what if’s fill your mind and you wonder,
did i do all i could.

he got everything (and by everything, i mean nothing),
and you got nothing (and by nothing, i mean everything).
he got his name in lights, and you get anonymous.

but anonymity has its perks, and the light
is sometimes our greatest enemy because it shines
on our sins.

and he has sinned.

but you. you dared.
dared to speak.
dared to fight back.
dared to live.

and it’s in the daring that we learn how strong we really are,
in the brokenness that we learn how to make ourselves whole.

his life as he knows it is over.
but yours.
yours is just beginning.

I'm a music lover, reader, writer, lover of words, and hopeless romantic.I believe in magic.I wish my life were a Jane Austen novel.

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